| Elecro Newsletter Q1 2021

This is the first edition of our Company Newsletter, starting with Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.

We will start to publish a quarterly company newsletter, with the aim to keep employees and clients well informed about what we’re doing and where we’re heading.

The past year has been a challenging year for many of us, we’ve managed to work together to finish some fantastic projects.

Going into Q2 of 2021 couldn’t seem more promising, with new projects starting and a lot of new work opportunities. We feel 2021 is shaping up to be one of our best.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Message from the MD
  • Team Updates
  • Projects
  • Our Goals for 2021
  • Other News

A message from the MD

I think everyone entered 2021 with the hope that we could put 2020 firmly behind us. Although the nightmare continues for some, such as the Hospitality sector, it has been a very positive start for Elecro and construction in general. We have had the best start to a year on record in terms of turnover and projects secured. We have also taken on multiple new staff members and moved into a new office space.

None of this could have been possible without everyone doing their bit and contributing to the effort it took to be in the position we are. If we can continue this year in the same way we have started it, it will be one of our best yet. Thank you all for your help so far, and I look forward to what Q2 has in store for us.


Team Updates

We are constantly looking for new talent to join our growing team. This quarter we’re delighted to introduce 6 new key members of our team. Please introduce yourselves and get to know our new starters.

Kris Bowden

Project Manager


Terry Williams

Contracts Manager


Robert Hocking

Assistant Project Manager


Dimitris Christakopoulos

Mechanical Enginner


Zed Heath

Contract Support


Alice Evans

Office Administrator


Throughout the course of the year we will be growing our team by adding more talent and experience. Firstly, looking at a HR Manager and a QHSE Manager. More information at the bottom of the page, under ‘Other News’.


We’ve been working across some amazing projects in the past quarter and have some great potential projects to look forward to. Leading with our featured project in this edition, Mile End Hospital.

Featured Project

Mile End Hospital

Duration: 28 weeks | Value: £2,300,000

Sector: Healthcare

Main Client: NHS

Current Tenders

Chelsea Barracks £12m
Royal Society of Blind Children £1.5m
Carrington Street £3m
Heathside & Lethbridge £6.5m
1 Canada Square £500k
22 Hanover Square £1m
40 Bank Street (Level 15) £150k
Wood Wharf Medical Centre £1.2m
Westferry Print Works £23m
Whitleys Redevelopment £21m

Awarded Projects

Bellfields Road £1m
Blackett Level 4 Lab £500k
Huxley 801 & 802 £250k
Park Inn Hotel £116k
40 Bank Street (Level 9) £700k
Special Works (Various) £150k

Ongoing Projects

Old War Office £6m
Goodman Fields Health Centre £1.8m
LIMS Building Access Control £250k
Miles Street Fit Out £200k

Completed Projects

A selection of our recently completed projects.

Mile End Hospital


Barchester Street


City & Guilds Data Centre


Our Goals for 2021

At Elecro, our mission is to always excel and grow as a business, to work towards becoming the industry leader at what we do.
How we achieve this is essential to the growth and success of our business.

The primary goals we have set for 2021 are:

Better Internal Communication

Throughout the year you will receive more updates from the Leadership team and internal communication improvements. It’s important to us to keep our valued team informed about all aspects of our business.

New & Improved Internal Processes

One of our goals is to continue to heavily focus on the development of our current processes and technology. As well as implementing new processes and tools to help increase productivity, which is essential to the growth of our business.

Further Development & Training

Investing in our teams, our people, adding experience and furthering education is important to us. This will primarily be driven by the Professional Development Plan process we will be implementing this year.

Build new long term relationships

We want to ensure we build and maintain strong, long term relationships with our clients, suppliers and colleagues. We plan to do this by providing and maintaining high standards of delivery, along with internal and external social events.

Develop our business strategy

Having a clear and focused business strategy is important to ensuring we are consistantly moving in the right direction. However it is as important to ensue our team are aware and committed to the strategy set out. More to follow in the next newsletter.

Increase Turnover

By achieving our goals this should come naturally, but specifically for this year we want to increase our turnover by 20% but not at the expense of profit margin.

Other News

We’ve moved Head Office

After 4 years in New Eltham, Elecro’s Head Office has now moved to Bexley, Greater London.

New Office Address

River House
Bexley High Street

Branding & Marketing

We’re investing into our brand and marketing strategies

Towards the end of last year we began to improve the image of our brand by introducing some changes to the look and feel, while keeping our original green square.

Here’s a list of the things we’ve been working on:

  • Logo refresh and new variations
  • New email signatures
  • Website updates and improvements
  • Professional photography of new projects
  • Updated brochure, induction and business stationery
  • Social media branding and strategy

You’ll notice changes throughout the course of the coming year, we will be making improvements across all aspects of our branding and marketing.

View / Download Brochure

Uniform Changes

Changes to the Elecro uniform issued to all site employees.

Our team are all about efficiency and quality, that’s why we know it’s important we don’t only do a great job but we look great while doing it, part of our brand development is to always look the part on every project.

Every member of staff is required to wear at least one item of branded clothing issued by Elecro whilst onsite.

Protective Equipment
  • Hard Hat
  • Hi-Vis Vest
  • Protective Glasses
  • Safety Boots
  • Gloves
Branded Clothing
  • Coat
  • Body Warmer
  • Fleece
  • T-Shirts

Implementation of our new construction software RedSky

As many of you may know, implementing RedSky has gone on a lot longer than one quarter, it’s been a work in progress since the beginning of 2020. This quarter we have launched RedSky and now use it every single day.

Some of the great features that will help improve our business

  • Construction Financials
  • Project Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Procurement
  • Document & Content Management
  • Forms & Workflows

For more information visit their website: www.redskyit.com

Our new dedicated IT Support providers, SonarIT

We have upgraded our IT support to ensure our staff have the daily support they need for all work devices.

All Elecro desktop and mobile devices are supported. You should have received an onboarding with SonarIT. If not, please let your line manager know immediately.

Open a support ticket by:

Calling SonarIT on:

0203 011 0805

Emailing SonarIT at:


For more information visit their website: www.sonarit.co.uk

Employee Referral Program

This year we will be launching an Employee Referral Program, allowing all of our employees to be able to refer candiates for open positions at Elecro, and get financially rewarded for successful placements.

For more information contact Ross Marley.